Northern Lights Tourism Guidelines

Northern Lights Tourism Guidelines

From late August to early April, the Tromsø region offers an exceptional opportunity to witness the northern lights. With the increase in northern lights tourism, it’s vital for visitors to act responsibly to protect the environment, ensure personal safety, and respect the local community.

Here are some essential guidelines to follow:

Best Practices

  • Choose Certified Tours: Opt for tours run by registered guide companies. We recommend booking through Visit Tromsø, as these tours are conducted by Norwegian businesses that support the local economy. Explore and book northern lights tours here.
  • Follow Your Guide’s Instructions: Your guide will provide important safety and practical advice—be sure to follow their guidance.
  • Wear Reflective Gear: Always wear reflective clothing during tours. Your guide should provide this, but double-check beforehand. Avoid wandering into roads without reflective gear to stay visible to drivers.
  • Respect Local Residents: Stay out of private areas, including gardens and yards.
  • Be Courteous on the Roads: If driving a rental car, be mindful of local traffic. Don’t obstruct the flow of vehicles by stopping in inappropriate places, and always allow other cars to pass.
  • Mind Rest Stops: If you stop in designated resting areas, be considerate of others, particularly truck drivers who use these spots for mandatory rest breaks.
  • Drive Safely: Adapt to road conditions by driving slowly and staying alert for other vehicles, pedestrians, and wildlife, especially reindeer and elk.

Things to Avoid

  • Stay Off the Roads: Avoid walking on the road as they are often dark and winding, and frequently used by locals.
  • Refrain from Unsafe Fires: Do not light fires near traffic or in rest areas and roadside parking lots, as this is dangerous. If a fire is necessary, use a fire pan and keep it at least 10 meters away from vehicles. Clean up completely, leaving no trace.
  • Avoid Trespassing: Do not enter private property. Respect locals’ privacy by staying out of their gardens and yards.
  • Dispose of Trash Properly: Do not litter. Take all your trash with you, including small items like cigarette butts, cups, and snack wrappers.