Festivals & Events

Northern lights festivals and events in Tromsø

Tromsø is not only a great place to see the northern lights, but it’s also home to various festivals and events celebrating this natural wonder. One of the most popular events is the Northern Lights Festival, which takes place annually in late January or early February. This festival features a variety of concerts and performances held in venues across the city, showcasing local and international artists.

Another notable event is the Sami Week, which celebrates the culture and traditions of the Sami people, an indigenous group that has lived in Northern Norway for thousands of years. This week-long festival includes various activities such as reindeer racing, traditional Sami music and dance performances, and lectures on Sami culture and history.

Attending one of these festivals or events can be a great way to experience the unique culture and traditions of Tromsø and Norway, while also enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the northern lights.